What attract rats to your home
Rat in trap

We have all had a rodent problem if the number of hawkers shouting,” Dawa ya Panya!” on the streets isn’t a big enough sign of a crisis. Even that one small mouse is a problem.

Imagine having guests over and suddenly a mouse appears running around your living room? Embarrassing right? Rats are a huge risk to your health. They spread disease through their urine and droppings, and a rat bite can also cause renal failure in humans and spread a number of diseases to your pet, including rat bite fever. Terrifying right?

Do you want to find out some of the causes that lead a rat into your loving home? Some may surprise you.

Garbage bins without lids

The first thing that attracts rats to a house is garbage bins if they are not well-covered with lids. Besides if you leave food readily available the rats will come running.


Rats aren’t choosy eaters, they eat everything from cartons to even your couch. You may think you are safe but remember rats will eat your electricity cord if they have to.


Honestly, we all have that ‘kacorner‘ we heap and heap piles of junk we don’t even use anymore. That corner calls out to rodents, its warm and it can be food. Basically, keep all your clutter in one place is a hot zone for rats.

Dripping pipes

Ignoring your kitchen sink pipes is a grave mistake. Rats need a daily water source and if they can’t find it outside, they will be attracted to indoor sources. Hence, look out for leaks. when a rat finds a watering source they will stick around.

Blame the neighbour

Just like how cockroaches travel from drainage pipes to the next, that is how your neighbour could be sending the rats your way. However, we can’t shift all the blame on them.

What to do to prevent rats from invading your home:

  • Look for leaks/holes-Do this on a regular basis. Additionally when you find one get them fixed.
  • Store food in plastic containers –Rats can’t chew through plastic. It’s safer to put your rice, sugar and even pasta in containers.
  • Cover your garbage bin –Always make sure you keep your garbage covered.
  • Get a cat

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