House under construction
House under construction

Building your dream home is one of the most fulfilling encounters in life. Owning a home is a lifetime achievement that most Kenyans aim for. Although it’s a great journey it comes with its share of turmoil. But, there are tips that will help you have a smooth journey during the construction period.

1.Verify your title deed

It’s no shocker when people contest for land in Kenya. Land grabbing is the biggest conflict in Kenya besides corruption. Hence, before beginning construction, get the title deed searched; in case a random stranger comes with court papers claiming your land is also their land.

Additionally, if you are paying for the land by instalments, it is wise to pay the complete amount and get the title deed before starting construction.

2.Have your financing in order

Unless you have loads of money, you likely need a home loan to construct. A construction home loan is different from a regular home loan. The lender decides how much you need then releases the funds in periodic payments to your contractor. They’ll be paid out at the end of completion of each individual stage of your construction.

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Before you seek out financing, make sure you have a detailed proposal in place. Since construction home loans rely on an estimate of the assumed value of the completed house, your lender will want to have detailed construction plans that are fully costed.

3.Budget for the construction

No matter how much you think the process will cost, it’s mostly going to cost more. There could be any number of items that aren’t included in the estimate your contractor gives you. Therefore, consult a quantity surveyor, they will go through what you need giving you the correct estimate of the construction.

You also need to put into account the preparation of the site. Furthermore, you require a budget for unforeseen circumstances such as if fittings or materials don’t meet the expectations.

4.Choose the right team

You need the right people before embarking on a building process. Coming up with a team of professionals is a complicated process which should be done with precision. You can’t afford to end up with an uncooperative and incompetent team.

The professionals to bring on board will be the architect, engineer, quantity surveyor and the contractor. As you decide on someone to work with, aside from competency and experience its how well you will relate to them.

The construction period is long and you will spend most of that time with your professionals. You need to make sure they aren’t people you won’t be at loggerheads with.

5.What are the construction regulations around the area

You should familiarize yourself with the building regulations in the area. This will ultimately determine the kind of structure you will set up. In some areas which are heavily commercial, it will be unwise to construct a residential building.

In addition, in residential areas, there is a limit to floors and in some areas, it’s strictly for agricultural purposes. Being aware of the building codes will give you clarity.

6.Have a lawyer to go through your contracts

A lawyer is for ensuring you are aware of your rights and your contracts are in order. During the construction, you find yourself signing quite a lot of contracts with suppliers, contractors and architects.

Having a lawyer to go through those contracts and explain what they say. They might point out issues and save you trouble.

A lawyer is also important during the meetings with the lender.

7.Prepare your land for construction

This might mean removing people squatters and clearing vegetation that might hinder the building process. Consult with neighbours who the building might disturb their peace and quiet. Come up with ways to solve this.

You should also bring basic amenities such as electricity or water closer. This makes the building process go faster. Moreover, you can provide security for your materials and workers

9.Hire a construction company

Kenyans always believe a big company will charge a lot of money. However, isn’t your home worth the effort? Nonetheless, a construction company is cheaper than hiring a quack. You might be surprised your finished project cost less than budgeted.

A well-known company saves you money through professionalism; for example, Fundis always find a way to steal from you. A construction company is strictly run hence saving you money. Besides, great workmanship and quality materials, these companies often buy building materials in bulk and have relationships with suppliers guaranteeing low prices.

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