The real estate industry in Kenya has become more cutthroat. It is for this reason that realtors have been propelled to adapt more aggressive marketing techniques in order to stay afloat in the market. Kenya Homes, a household name in Kenya’s real estate map says that it is not enough to generate leads, the leads must translate into sales.

According to a recent survey done, 90% of home buyers start their house hunt on the internet. If done well, social media especially Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter will expose you to serious leads. Here are a few techniques to help you generate real estate leads on the internet.


generating leads

Majority of Kenyans are on Facebook because it allows them to connect with friends and family. For a realtor looking to sell a home, this is the perfect place to generate your leads. We advise you to create a business page as opposed to using your personal page because it fosters a sense of professionalism. Correspondingly, when using Facebook, it is more effective to post 80% about real estate lifestyles, customer interests, and other updates and 20% about the houses you want to sell. The trick here is to build trust and foster a sense a friendship.

When you deem it fit to post a sale on Facebook (Only 20% of the total posts), do not be mechanical about it. Let them know about the home, and what points will sell it. Tell them how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has. Make them aware of the beautiful garden. Tell them about the price that has been slashed down. The point often overlooked is to keep it as engaging as possible or as Kenyans would say, “kuchocha story.”

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twitter leads

This is another great way to generate real estate leads. Research has shown that you can increase the chances of selling a house if you post consistently on twitter. It is the same script as Facebook, but involving different casts.

Help out your clients by teaching them how to stage their home for better sales. Post links to the articles you have written on your website and tweet about local news most relevant to real estate. To encourage engagement, make use of twitter tools such as the polls. Additionally, to generate traffic to your page, use hashtags to gets your tweets seen by more than your Followers. Use relevant and specific #’s to get found by those looking for your subject matter.


generating leads

 Set up a business page and make sure your personal linkedIn page is filled in. Include a good a summary, introducing yourself, and why you’re a good realtor choice (both to buy from, and to sell through).Join local groups and participate in them. Keep connecting with your clients, and ask for referrals through the site (just as you would in person).

To generate prospective leads on LinkedIn, agents should find at least three features that stand out about the house they are trying to sell. It could be more square footage, higher ceilings, enough parking space or even the beautiful garden. Being able to stand out among other houses in terms of uniqueness will show off your market knowledge and help generate leads.

Have a website

Any experienced realtor will tell you how valuable it is to have a significant web presence. It allows you to build a brand,exhude proffessionalism and generate leads. having a website comes with the challenge of optimization, but that should not be a problem provided you frequently write blog articles related to real estate and provide knowledge- based solutions for your leads through helpful how-to videos and graphics.

You can link all your social media platforms to the website to enhance optimization and engagement. As a newbie in real estate,consult with Kenya Homes to jump start your career.