Kangundo Road
Kangundo Road

Many Kenyans owe their dream of owning a unique and elegant home to Kangundo Road in Machakos. These homes are usually very affordable. This comprises locations in Ruai, Joska, Malaa, Kamulu, Kantafu, and other neighborhoods. The land here is appreciating very fast. David, 52, who bought a 50ft by a 100ft plot in Joska in 2002 at only Kes 35,000. He now says the same parcel of land goes for between Kes 700,000 and Kes 1.5 M. Furthermore, the ones adjacent to the road are more costly. This is more than the average appreciating value of land in many parts of the country. It is therefore a sure investment both long-term and short-term.

Rate of Development

The fast growth of this area can be attributed to infrastructure development. These include good roads, such as the Eastern Bypass that links to Kangundo Road. A major beneficiary of these developments is Ruai town, whose importance as a commercial hub cannot be underestimated. The dualling of Outering Road has also helped ease traffic from the city center adding to its attractiveness. Similarly, road networks from Mombasa Road linking to Kangundo Road is a major appeal. The Machakos County Government has also constructed roads, including from Daystar University to Kangundo-Mlolongo interchange and Kenya Meat Commission to Joska.

Many banks and leading retail stores have established branches here. The area also brags of well-performing schools together with well-equipped health centers. Kangundo Road will further benefit from increased government spending on infrastructure. The Kenya National Highways Authority has already earmarked it for an upgrade to a dual carriage road. This indicates that the area still has the potential to upscale and plays as a great motivation for aspiring landowners.

Community of People.

Kangundo Road is justifiably a Metropolis with no community claiming to be the most dominant. Due to its tranquil nature, it has attracted people from all parts of the country, who co-habit peacefully. This area is acclaimed to be a city away from the city. This is because residents get to enjoy modern-day lifestyles without the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. The capital is also a mere 30-minutes drive. This further creates great convenience for the owner who has to commute regularly.

New Projects

There are projects now targeting the middle-class looking for houses costing less than Kes 3 Million. A good example is Osten Terrace Gardens Apartments that are currently fast- selling at only Kes 2 Million. It is a gated community estate on 5 acres, subdivided into courts, each with four blocks of 16 units. This particular project currently has the most favorable and flexible payment terms in the market. Such apartments are usually built to trending industry standards. You get a separate washroom and bathroom, inbuilt wardrobes, tiled kitchen worktops all at a favorable price. To boost security, four police stations have been set up, with one each in Ruai, Malaa, Koma Hill and Joska.

Increasing Property Value

Research has shown that the value of property in Kangundo Road has for the past decade seen a steady increase. Those who invested first reaped huge returns but interesting to note is that new owners are on track to gaining double. Some parcels of land are already serviced with water and electricity that will make it easier for construction. The rise in migration of Nairobi residents to Joska and Kamulu has also been on a high. Residents are consistently searching for a quiet, relaxing atmosphere that retreats them from sound and air pollution.

To add to that, young families are finding an outstanding locale for an excellent upbringing here away from the city. A lot of clients have bought ready apartments and quickly found tenants to rent them to, thus starting to reap of their sweat pretty fast.

Ready Establishments

Very luxurious and exquisite bungalows and maisonettes have been built along Kangundo Road. This is a testament of the rich suburb this area is going to be. The beautiful thing here is the Panoramic view that is enjoyed in the evening as the sun is setting.

The area also boasts of elegant estates like the Stima Plains in Malaa. It is home to Ruai Park Estate, which is being developed by investors from the United Arab Emirates. Another big project in the area is Infinity Industrial Park located at the junction of Eastern Bypass and Kangundo Road. Some of the mega developments to be completed in the next five years will slowly begin to push land prices up just like it happened in areas around Thika Road.