Is a swimming pool worth having?

Is a swimming pool worth it? This question cannot be considered as rhetoric, on the contrary it calls for debatable responses. Some people will rule out this idea of having a swimming pool while others will embrace it as a plus to a luxurious home.

A swimming pool is not worth the trouble.

To begin with, having a swimming pool is a big decision because frankly speaking it’s nothing cheap. There is the installation costs to be incurred which is expensive and as if that is not enough, the pool comes with other regular expenses like the maintenance and cleaning costs. As long as a pool is in use, it needs to be cleaned and water PH levels regulated so as not to be too acidic or too alkaline. This means that you have to hire maintenance services or do it yourself in order to insure that your pool is in a sterling state.

Guess what! Taking an insurance cover on a swimming pool is costly due to the high risks involved with pools. This results to additional expenses. Did you even know that insurance companies do not like houses with swimming pools because they are prone to dangers? So is a swimming pool worth it?

We all know that swimming pools can be hazardous. This is prone to happen in homes with children and those with no good swimmers. Therefore, there is a need to take precaution like teach people to swim, have a fence and even set pool rules for safety purposes.

YES, a swimming pool could be worth it.

Better still there are reasons that will justify why a swimming pool is worth it. No money can buy happiness and fun with family and with that said despite the fact that a swimming pool is costly, it provides a source for fun. It comes with entertainment value and can improve the quality of life. This is an intangible input by the pool and it is immeasurable.

You could be thinking that having a swimming pool could increase the value of your house. Unfortunately this could be possible but possible in most cases not possible. If the main idea of having a swimming pool is making an investment from it it after some time then there are factors to consider before installing the swimming pool.

A pool is better installed in high end estates, that will give it value in case you decide to resale it. The climate of the where you live should be a consideration since pools will be desirable in warm and hot areas whereas cold places make swimming less desirable. Age of the pool and it’s design will boost or depreciate it’s value as well. Lastly swimming pools are ironically more valuable in places close that are close to beaches.


To wrap it up,

The decision on whether to or not to have a swimming pool at your home is entirely upon you. You could look at it as a lifestyle that is worth the costs or alternatively look at it as a no go zone.

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