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Living in a gated community in Kenya is considered the top layer of luxury living. Gated communities offer privacy and security as well as other benefits.

Moving into an ‘estate’ means you have climbed up the ladder. However, is this something for you? Despite the unspoken tension on having to live in an estate, not everyone is a fan.

What are the cons of living in a gated community?

Guarded vs unguarded estates

It’s common knowledge that gated communities have security guards at the gate. It means there is always someone to check in visitors ensuring unnecessary individuals.

The guards know who the residents are and they can root out trespassers. The security increases the feeling of safety to anyone who may feel vulnerable such as elderly people, wealthy families with valuables in the home or even families with children.

Most estates have CCTVs which ensures if any illegal activity happens, it will be investigated and resolved.


Estates without guards are less secure and costly. You’ll have to hire security. Moreover, you won’t be at ease knowing your house is unprotected.

Furthermore, anyone can walk through your neighbourhood as well as PSVs using your neighbourhood roads as a route. Additionally, you’ll have to add security measures such as CCTV or a dog.

Is there privacy in an estate?

Some estates don’t have partitions separating the houses which means no privacy while other estates they have fencing.

Further, some gated communities are a joined effort where homeowners decide to make a community by fencing around their homes and having one gate.

This type of community has privacy while offering security. However, if you are considering living in a gated community but conflicted on the privacy try the latter.

Gated communities have rules and regulations

Typically, Kenyans have a niche of rebelling against rules. We hardly follow them through. Thus, if you are thinking of buying or renting in a gated community be ready for the rules.

A gated community has to uphold a certain look or image, especially in posh neighbourhoods. Violating these rules could mean dire repercussions such as a notice from the managing company.

In estates, your vehicles should be parked in your allocated parking to avoid inconveniencing other residents. Your visitors have designated parking space as well. Even the garbage has a specific time to be put out.


Living in a gated community gives you the perks of having someone take care of your surroundings. Real estate gated communities offer extra amenities, too, such as children playground and pool facilities.

However, gated communities aren’t for everyone. Before you buy into one, evaluate your ideal lifestyle to make sure a gated community is right for you.

Kenya Homes has gated communities that will pick your interest. Or if it’s not for you, we have other options.

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