The Pros and Cons of Living in a First-Floor Apartment
The Pros and Cons of Living in a First-Floor Apartment

Living on the ground floor doesn’t necessarily mean getting the bottom of the barrel in Kenyan apartments. You can always save money by going for first floor houses. Having lived in both, I can certainly give you their pros and cons.

The Pros of Living in a First-Floor Apartment

No Stairs!

This translates to an easier and quicker get in and rush out. You also won’t have to deal with carrying bulky shopping up many flights to your apartment. However, stairs are a great source of exercise especially for your bum lol. It is true though that the excitement to walk up and down every single time may not always be there. It’s even worse when you’ve forgotten something as important as your DL and you have to rush back up. Now imagine if you are late to work. It’s also the safest option for the elderly and disabled people.

It’s Easy to Move In and Out

When changing houses, it is easier for tenants on lower floors than those on upper floors. Moving furniture and other household items will be a money-saver. Movers usually charge more for persons living in upper floors than they do to lower floors. No stairs therefore means no extra fees.

Easy Egress

Escaping emergency situations is easier for ground floor dwellers. Evacuation also usually starts with them which is a plus. We don’t usually anticipate such occurrences but in case they happen, you’ll have a quick and easy exit. Persons on the top floor have to go down several stair cases to escape emergency situations.

The Pros and Cons of Living in a First-Floor Apartment
The Pros and Cons of Living in a First-Floor Apartment

The Cons of Living in a Ground-Floor Apartment

The Noise

Apartments on the first floor are usually most affected by the noise coming from both neighbors and the cars outside. As people are walking up to their houses, their conversations may be disruptive to you. Also, kids playing outside will make a lot of noise for you. If you like your quiet space, consider apartments on the top floor as they are usually quieter.

A Lack of Privacy

When you live on the first floor, there is no negotiation about curtains and blinds. Every eye has access to your apartment. If you are an extremely private person yet still feel the need to let in uninterrupted sunlight, this is not the apartment for you. If your hobbies include watching Netflix all day every day, be ready to be judged lol. This is if you do not have curtains and blinds.

More Garbage

Before moving in, make sure you pay close attention to the upkeep of the building. Are there people responsible for the daily cleaning? If not, you will have to do so yourself or live in dirty environs. This is bad. People on top floors may not be responsible enough to litter well. The result is they throw their trash through the window and right outside your window. This is greatly disadvantageous and not hygienic at all.

Security Concerns

While crime in Nairobi continues to increase, that doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind. Ground floor apartments are usually the easiest to break in to. Ease of access to you also translates to ease of access to thieves. They can also get away quicker with property they have stolen in your apartment.

Constant Interruptions

First-floor apartments are usually the default contact for strangers and outsiders. If the building does not have effective management, you become the management lol. Salespeople start with you, lost guests and even delivery people. If these interruptions are not your cup of teaa, be sure to go a floor up.