rural area
rural area

In the 1990s, having a home in your rural area was a strong social statement. Those who lived and worked in Nairobi(and other major cities and towns across the country) lived for the moment they would construct a house next to their parents.

However, these days people have cut ties with their rural land. More and more people are creating their own roots. Finding land in a place they are unfamiliar with to build or buy a home because they like the location.

Besides, it doesn’t mean you don’t build for your parents. By all means please do but you can choose to settle in a different place, not necessarily your village.

Although where people are settling is also rural because of its far proximity to the city. But you can still have access from your home to town. Most Kenyans work in towns. You can have the same serenity of your rural home in a closer location such as Ruiru or Syokimau.

Acts as a retirement plan

Despite millennial skepticism of home buying, investing in your own retirement is important. Days of thrilling fast life will come to any end and you’ll need to settle your roots somewhere.

Additionally, you should plan for a better retirement, savings are good but a solution is way better. Constructing a home will save you the struggle of still living in a rental while in retirement and still struggling to build.

Building a home early ensures you have a solid backup for rainy days not just for when you retire also for when money is short and you can use the rent money to sort out the issues.

Its a Great Investment

The southern bypass opened up Mlolongo to people to developers and investors now it is buzzing with homes. People who would have normally gone back to their roots they are settling for their own places.

Once you build it and you decide you are not yet ready to live in a rural area, you can rent it out it ensures you have a passive income til you decide you are comfortable to move into your home.

Nonetheless, a rural home acts as a vacation home for you. You may wonder how building a home that you visit once a year beneficial well it won’t be just for you, you can rent it out for families that want a rest from the busy life of the city.

Building a rural home will save you from the busy life of urban areas, you can even start a garden or a farm because the area allows it. You won’t have neighbours constansly complaining about one thing and the other.

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