Tasks to do before travelling

There is no worse stress than having to worry if you will find your home still intact when you come back from upcountry or a trip.

We break down some tasks you should complete before you leave. Accomplishing them will give you that peace of mind while you’re gone, and you can come back home to your house the way you left it.

Arrange for someone to keep tabs on your house

Although it isn’t necessary for the person to stay inside the house, it’s nice for them to watch over your home when you’re gone. Basically, they can make a quick trip and look around the house.

Plus you can hand them the key just to ensure there wasn’t a break-in.

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Clean out fridge/freezer of perishables

Coming home to a stench of rotten food can be disheartening. You need to clear out your fridge or freezer in case you are travelling for weeks. Additionally, throw out anything that will expire from the pantry.

Throw out any fruits and vegetables that will go bad, make sure all open containers are shut and the tops to all your jars are screwed on tightly so ants and other vermin don’t make dinner out of your leftover food.

Dispose of the garbage

After you clean out your perishables, take out all your trash, including any from your kitchen, bathroom, and any other waste bin you have around your home.

Arrange for compound maintenance

The last thing you want is to find your compound looking like a jungle of weeds. Arrange for someone to cut the grass and water the flowers. This will make your house look accompanied in case criminals are lurking around. Although if you’re going to be gone less than a week, you shouldn’t worry about your grass.

Switch off lights or main switch

Kenyan electricity is messy, it can short circuit leading to damages to your bulbs or sockets. It would be advisable to switch off at the main switch. However, due to burglaries, you can have your outside lights to be switched on by the neighbour.

Turn off the main water supply

Imagine coming back to your furniture floating? It won’t be great. Before you leave turn off the water so there isn’t a chance for a leak. Leaks can become major making you pay a lot of water bill.

Unplug electronics

Another energy saving and cost-effective tactic are to turn off your electronics and unplug them before you leave. It’s not like you plan on using your TV while you’re gone, right?

Lock all doors and windows

Walkthrough your home ensuring all doors and windows are locked. In addition, close all curtains so potential thieves can’t see in. We all have thought, “Did I lock the door?”

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