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Buy a House: Each unit goes for Kes 1.5 M

Buying a home is a very personal decision and a huge investment for any individual. As such, many factors have to be put into consideration. One of those factors is the neighborhood.There are no two neighborhoods that have the same characteristics therefore, you have to research and settle on the one that suits you the most.

When looking for a home, the neighborhood matters a lot and you will want a locale that suits your personality and lifestyle. It should also be a place where you are comfortable and have peace of mind. Most significantly, your neighborhood should be affordable and within your financial means.

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In a survey conducted recently, home buyers were asked what they take into consideration when choosing a new neighborhood and this is what they had to say;

Proximity to job and short commute

In an attempt to reduce the hours spent in traffic, many home buyers prefer a neighborhood that is very close to their working stations. With very busy social calenders, Kenyans want to spend their free time indulging in their hobbies and not stuck in traffic.

Proximity to schools of choice

For families with children, schools are a major determining factor in the neighborhood of choice. Kenyans want affordable schools with quality education. To add on to that, parents do not want their kids spending long hours on the school bus because their schools are far. Therefore, availability of schools a major factor in choosing a neighborhood.

Amenities and conveniences

For every neighborhood you consider living in, identify the nearby amenities and conveniences. If you intend to live in the suburbs, you need to be aware of how far you need to travel to access groceries and other basic commodities. Also, if you intend to live in a rural setting, consider the lack of tarmacked roads, street lights and gated estates as is norm in neighborhoods in the city.


This has become a bragging right for many neighborhoods in Kenya today. More and more home buyers are leaning toward areas where they can walk to the local coffee shop, dining spots and supermarkets. This trend is rapidly gaining mileage because more working class individuals realize the need to kip fit and what better way to do this than to run small errands on foot.

Proximity to friends and family

A good percentage of home buyers agree that when house hunting, friends and family play a key role. Parents with young children often want to be in a neighborhood close to their friends or family so as to provide a sense of identity for the young ones. additionally, young adults who have just moved out of their parent’s houses often want to live nearby.

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