Green colour tanks
Green colour tanks

Plastic water tanks are usually available in a number of different colours. In Kenya the most common colour is black.

You may want to buy a coloured tank for aesthetics but you’re unsure. Therefore, there are a couple of things you should consider before purchasing a tank.

Building code

You need to be aware of the building codes around your area. If your house of business is located in an estate or commercial place, consult with management to know if the colour will affect anything.

Property Value

As a property owner, resale is always in mind. You should consider a neutral colour that blends in with the environment. Most Kenyan buyers are traditional and don’t care about aesthetics.

Water temperature

We are all aware that dark colour absorbs heat faster than lighter colours. This has its pros and cons. Moreover, higher temperatures are conducive for algae growth.

However, light transmission is another factor in allowing algae to flourish. This means darker tanks let in less light than lighter tanks. Besides if you still want to have a fun colour, green is the next alternative to black.

Visual pollution

People living near areas like Nairobi National parks are aware that visual characteristics of buildings are very important. Water tanks are often on higher grounds which can make them an eyesore.

It is advisable to choose a tank colour that blends in with the natural vegetation such as green or brown.


Unfortunately, some of your neighbours can be thieves, especially in an agricultural area. If you are storing water for farming, you can choose a less noticeable colour. You may be put the tank hidden in trees or banana plants

Why black tanks are recommended
Black colour tanks
Black Tanks
  • UV resistance & reflection
  • Inhibit algae growth
  • Inhibit microbial growth
  • Long term water storage
  • Heat deflection
  • Doesn’t absorb radiation

Keep all these in consideration the next time you are purchasing a tank. Additionally, note that for overhead tanks black is an advised colour or neutral colours like green.

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