Kris Jenner Interiors
Kris Jenner Interiors

Kris Jenner opened the doors to her extremely lavish house to Architectural Digest. The video starts by showcasing really unique pieces from the Mamager’s house. They look like they cost an arm and a leg. Kris then explains that she loves the house because it has an open floor plan and makes her feel really zen and relaxed.

Living Room Area.

The design of the fireplace and the placement of the furniture looks really brilliant. She says she loves the way the colors make her feel so calm and its a really special part of the end of her day. There are two white couches with a combination of both brown and white pillows. The magnificent table has a plant on top and the colors also blend in well with the other two brown seats. Further, the presence of plants makes the space feel really warm.

The Dining Room.

Kylie Jenner’s mom has the most adorable dining room table. To add to that, the room has impeccable art that goes very well with the captivating plant. She says that’s one of her favorite rooms because she entertains a lot so it makes it really fun. Also, there is a fancy credenza that she bought from Ellen De Generes. The dining area has a dazzling white rug that feels amazing to step on. Kris Jenner’s dining room interior is a gem.

The staircase is fabulous and the open space is very calming to her. In addition, there are really nice pieces of art all through the house. She leads us to another room which she loves as well. It leads to the kitchen and gives an undistracted view when Kris is cooking and entertaining. She also says that in that part of the house everybody can be together. By everybody, we mean the Kar-Jenner Clan and their extensions.

Kris Jenner Lounge Area

Her lounge area has a le lounge sheep. She jokes that Krissy Teigen rode her le lounge sheep after just one glass of wine. All this was captured on Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat. In addition, there is a bar from 1955, the year she was born which opens up and lights up majestically. That’s a party! As is expected of Kris Jenner, she has a lighter with her face on it that her daughter gave her. This room has a notable book arrangement. Again, the white and grey color combinations give it a warm vibrancy. The lounge area overlooks the swimming pool outside.

Kris Jenner’s Kitchen

The marble top looks magnificent in all its glory. The kitchen has two fruit baskets, two plants, and breathtaking flowers. The colors of the upper and lower cabinets work amazingly well together. Kris Jenner says they are in the kitchen all the time. She loves to make cookies and snacks for all her grandkids that go over regularly.

Similarly, she has a piano in the house that Kim and Kanye gifted her for Christmas. Its well placed under the staircase. Also, a statue that she one day hope to look like adds to her interiors. If only she could work out hard enough. Lol.