On those days you want a relaxing afternoon, just to gaze at the sky or read a book but you still want to be around your house then you remember the tragic sight that is your balcony.

An abandoned balcony is a sad sight. So if you use your balcony as a storage space for your broken furniture or tanks you need to fit that. You may argue it’s where you hang your clothes but your balcony can be much more.

Pay attention, we are about to hand you tips on making that balcony your safe haven. 

Create a balcony garden

Some of us have small balconies but that should not limit your creativity. Add some plant boxes on the rails or hang plants on the ceiling. This will enhance the view even if you use the balcony as a laundry area.

You might as well plant some vegetables such as spring onions.

Throw in some chairs

You can make your balcony a place to hang out when you have friends or family over. Add some folding chairs or a bench.

This will create an illusion of another extra room. Who doesn’t want extra room?

Have a table

This is a basic piece of furniture almost everyone should have. You can get some unique tables that stand out and make you balcony pop.

Add some mats

If you are not using your balcony as a laundry area, you can add mats to make it a cosy place to chill and relax. 

In addition, the mats can create an area for exercise. Or children play area.

decorating a balcony idea

Put up some decorations

You can hang some pendant lighting or fairy lights. These are the latest trend. It will light up your balcony at night making it sparkle.

You can have a bench

Instead of chairs, how about a bench. It’s classy and unique and won’t take up much space. It will save up for your storage. Additionally, you can use it as a lay lounge when you want to take a nap outside.

Add a partition

If you are lucky enough to have a big balcony. Find some way to partition between an extra storage area and a leisure zone. You can use old crates piled up together to create an illusion of a wall while it acts as a storage area.

Customize a pallet sofa

Pallets are becoming a bigger trend as the year continues. Get some throw pillows and make a sofa. The great thing about it is that it takes up as little space as possible leaving you room to use your balcony how you want.

Add a fencing

If you want privacy, you can add fencing to book people’s view. It offers an isolated place you can read a book, or entertain guests

However, if you are the unfortunate who don’t have a balcony not to worry we have interior tips just for you.

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