Frightening facts about used homes
Used Homes

As Kenyans, we buy almost everything as second-hand even houses. Used homes are not an exception.

Picture this, after months of house hunting, now you have found a home. A nice couple was moving away and you were lucky enough to stumble on them in a restaurant. You start talking about how you having been shopping for a house but you are yet to get one. Then they mention they are selling their home for 5 years and you jump on the opportunity. The price is a sell-off and their house looks amazing in the pictures.

Furthermore, a week later, you see the house and you are impressed with it. You finish the buying process and now you are a homeowner.

Unfortunately, Used homes have a negative aura around them. You were probably as sceptical as the rest. But you trusted the couple and you weren’t disappointed.

All elements in life have two sides of the coin do does used homes. The pros and cons. Hence, you don’t have to solely focus on the negative and ignore the positives.

Saves you money

I know right? so shocking

Buying a house can take a huge chunk of your money. Hence, the option of buying a used home, it’s cheaper. We are aware of the Kenyan fear of “if it’s cheap, it’s bad”. The quote usually doesn’t apply. With the right information, you can find a legit seller. This is the reason to liaise with a real estate agent in order to get the best deals when shopping for housing.

Just imagine not having to pay millions for your home.

Saves you time

House hunting can be hectic especially with a busy schedule. Home sellers are always looking for the fastest sale. A seller is probably looking for financing for another property hence the urgency to make a sale. This will be your luck.

Used homes have a personality

In a new home, you’ll have to make it feel like a home but a used home already has a homely feel. A used home has already been filled with love and warmth that all it needs is you.

Used homes have more aesthetics

These days modern houses are built for functionality rather than fashion. Older homes were built according to the owner’s personality so they have more character. High ceilings, wooden floors and even brick walls. If you are one with art, you can appreciate older architecture.

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Easier to renovate

A new house limits renovation, the developer is strict on changes that can be implemented. You won’t have the freedom to input your personality unless it’s with the furniture.

Fortunately, in a used home, you have the space to remodel however you choose. It gives you the capability to infuse your own twist to the home even the structure.

In conclusion:

A used home has some shocking benefits and it is a wise buy. Consult us at Kenya Homes to connect you with our database of information.